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The Great Rooms Difference

We provide you with critical information to maximize the value of  your project. We believe you need to know three things in order to make critical decisions concerning the design and cost of your project:

  • Thorough description/explanation of construction items
  • The cost of those items
  • The impact your decisions has on the overall value of the project

At Great Rooms, our standard process provides you with all three pieces of information. In addition, when you are unsure about what you want to include or exclude in the project during the design phase, we will tailor your budget to include or exclude those items as “alternate adds or alternate deducts,” respectively.

  We ensure that YOU are always in control of your project.

We will perform an initial site visit where we will discuss your requirements with you. Based on that visit, we will provide the following free of charge:

  • A detailed written cost analysis of your project to make sure that the project design fits within your financial expectations.

  • A preliminary schedule of how long your project might take to design and build, including all of the key milestones that you and the vendors will need to meet.

We competitively bid your project with our talented group of contractors and vendors to get accurate hard costs on every facet of your project … and we share those costs with you.

Through the use of “alternate adds and deducts,” you choose which items you want to include in your final project price and what we use to create your final proposal. For instance, you could choose to spend more money on kitchen cabinets (cherry finish) or less money (maple finish). Or you could choose to finish your basement or leave it unfinished.

The list of choices/decisions is very specific to your project and we are committed to explaining the potential impact/value of each decision so that you can make an informed choice.

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