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Comprehensive Schedule and Specifications

With each subcontractor/vendor bid, we require an estimate of how long the work will take to perform. We use this information to build a “critical path” project schedule that you get at the proposal meeting. The schedule includes critical dates for you – when you owe us decisions on selections – so we don’t experience construction delays waiting on material, cabinets, fabrication or fixtures. We take into account the lead time of every item required and then help you to make final selections well in advance of when we need an item.

There is never any confusion about what is in your contract. After you have made all your decisions about what you want included in your contract, we provide you with a detailed written specification. This document supplements your plan and changes with your project as you make final decisions. It is a “living, breathing” document that keeps track of your project as it progresses. You never have to worry about the subcontractors and vendors not having the same information you have because their contract is written from your specifications.

Comprehensive Specifications
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